Motion Analysis Corporation

Osprey Digital RealTime System

Osprey Digital CameraMotion Analysis announces small format solution for those who want the technical superiority of a passive optical motion capture system at an economical price: The Osprey Digital RealTime System. The Osprey is a small, compact camera capable of 245 fps with a sensor size of 640 x 480 pixels (.3 million) offers the motion capture technician the benefit of all-digital technology at an economical price for smaller environments. The Osprey Digital RealTime System consists of Osprey digital cameras and Cortex software.

Osprey Digital Camera

The Osprey Digital Cameras provide today's motion capture technicians with a tool that assures reliable and accurate data. With digital technology there is no degradation of the signal over distance, less noise, and no resampling of data on another piece of electronics. The Osprey Digital Camera signal is sent directly to the tracking computer via an Ethernet connection. The signal processing is embedded in the camera. This streamlined system of motion capture from camera to computer means less hardware and easier maintenance. The FPGA (field programmable field array) built into the Osprey is software and firmware upgradeable via the Internet - moving of the cameras is not necessary.

Osprey Features

  • 1-245 Hz selectable frame rates at full resolution
  • Electronic shutter
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Separate iris and focus settings independent of ringlight
  • Strobed ringlight with camera body heat sink
  • Five body mount points on camera for variable positioning
  • Software controlled adjustable light output
  • Mocap in a box