Motion Analysis Corporation

Animation Production Videos: Xtreme Martial Arts

Xtreme Martial ArtsMotion Analysis Studios provided the motion capture for The Discovery Channel's "Xtreme Martial Arts" which takes a close look at the biomechanics of the human body during martial arts movements by bringing together three disparate groups: bio-mechanists, with their cutting edge scientific tools to analyze the motion of the body; motion capture experts, to capture their motions precisely; and animators, to depict whatís going on inside the bodies of these artists.

Master Chaturantabut, along with his apprentice Matt Mullins, will familiarize viewers with the XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) techniques. Mullins trains in a bio-mechanical dojo, where every movement of the body is captured electronically and analyzed by scientists and animators at Animal Logic Ė the team that handled the special effects in The Matrix.

Using animation elements to make video capture motion, three-dimensional body scanning and muscle sensors particular, the teamís every move Mullins transform into a sequence of animation bio-mechanics amazing accuracy. Those who practice martial arts are always looking for perfection and, for them, every detail counts.

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