Motion Analysis Corporation

3rd Party Plug-ins

Siemens' JACK

JACK Plug-inSiemens' JACK digital human modeling and ergonomics software product, together with Motion Analysis, have introduced an advanced simulation, modeling and analysis tool which operates in real-time. The JACK Plug-in enables real-time motion capture data from a Motion Analysis system to be viewed in the JACK software.

Representing the culmination of the first phase of an extensive and ongoing collaborative effort, this initiative advances and enhances JACK's embedded Motion Capture Toolkit module by providing true real-time capabilities to the JACK mannequin to provide immediate and compelling information with regard to human factors and ergonomics.

Designers and engineers, armed with this powerful tool, can conduct multiple concurrent scenarios encompassing an array of applications from vehicular occupant packaging to factory planning and layout. These studies can be conducted in the virtual, digital realm where errors, omissions and other germane factors may be considered and corrected well in advance of the building and assembly process.

Dassault Systemes' CATIA V5

Mechdynes Virtual TrainingDassault Systemes' CATIA V5, a human modeling solution that allows the user to create and manipulate advanced, user-defined digital human manikins, and simulate task activities in the process simulation environment to analyze worker processes early in the manufacturing and assembly lifecycle. This solution allows users to create detailed customized manikin's for an intended target audience, specifically analyze how the manikins will interact with objects in the virtual environment, and determine operator comfort and performance in the context of a new design.

Motion Analysis systems work with Dassault's CATIA V5 to provide realtime feedback as a human moves through the simulation environment. Motion Analysis is the only motion capture provider who has a real-time plug-in for the CATIA V5 software.

Features and Advantages

  1. Enables manufacturing engineers and plant designers to step inside their manufacturing process concepts
  2. Simulate and analyze how workers interact with equipment and objects
  3. Determine the technicianís comfort and perfomance in the context of a process, maintenance or manufacturing operation
  4. Supports full scale live simulations
  5. Supports multiple manikins in V5 application
  6. Cost avoidance in building simulations
  7. Provides real-time feedback as a human moves through the simulation environment