Motion Analysis Corporation

Motion Composer

Motion Composer is a suite of tools for collating, integrating and presenting interactive motion capture data. Embedded within Cortex, Motion Composer is able to continuously update information without exiting to a stand-alone software package, creating a seamless workflow. Users are able to create a user defined, graphical and interactive report comprising: Motion capture data, forceplate data, EMG data, kinetics and kinematics, documents, color video and live web content.

Motion Composer screen shot

Motion Composer Quick Start

  1. Capture the data from a motion analysis session
  2. Add any additional data (e.g. clinical notes, images)
  3. Layout data in a series of slides
  4. Preview your presentation
  5. Pack-and-go

Motion Composer Software Suite Includes:

  • Motion Composer
    • Presentation authoring plug-in for Cortex. Author presentations seamlessly from your Cortex session.
  • Motion View
    • Presentation player. Package and share presentations easily with this interactive viewer. Suitable for burning to a CD, emailing, or web distribution.
  • New Data Views
    • New graph, document and multimedia views. Perfect for presentation data.
  • Plug-in Kit
    • For advanced users, Visual Basic project templates for creating custom plug-in views.


  • Cortex plugin for presentation authoring
  • Presentation tree/property controls for managing presentation resources
  • Slide creation tools for laying out presentation slides
  • Presentation loading/saving to presentation file format (XML)
  • Presentation 'Pack-and-Go' for one-click packaging of viewer and data into a single file
  • Freely redistributable viewer for presentation sharing
  • New data views to support presentation views
  • RTF editor pane for rtf/text create/import/view/edit
  • HTML editor pane for HTML/media import/view/edit
  • 2D graph pane for graphical information view/analysis