Motion Analysis Corporation

Gait Analysis

Quantitative gait analysis is useful in objective documentation of walking ability as well as identifying the underlying causes for walking abnormalities in patients with cerebral palsy, stroke, head injury and other neuromuscular problems. The results of gait analysis have been shown to be useful in determining the best course of treatment in these patients.

The Motion Analysis systems offer state-of-the-art, high resolution, accurate motion capture systems to acquire, analyze and display three dimensional motion data on patients while walking. The system is integrated with analog data acquisition systems to enable simultaneous acquisition of force plate and electromyographic data. Clinicians use MAC Gait to analyze and display kinematic, kinetic and electromyographic data in forms that are easy to interpret.

Both systems can be integrated with SIMM software which is used for modeling body segments and associated muscles. Using RealTime and SIMM, it is now possible to monitor dynamic changes in muscle length as well as muscle moment arms as the subject is walking.