Motion Analysis Corporation

Kestrel Digital RealTime System

Motion Analysis offers a second small format solution for those who desire a faster frame rate and higher resolution: The Kestrel Digital RealTime System. The Kestrel is a small, compact camera capable of 300 fps with a sensor resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels (2.2 million). The Kestrel Digital RealTime System consists of Kestrel digital cameras and Cortex software.

Kestrel Features

  • 1-300 Hz selectable frame rates at full resolution, 600 Hz at windowed resolution
  • Electronic shutter
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Separate iris and focus settings independent of ringlight
  • Strobed ringlight with camera body heat sink
  • Five body mount points on camera for variable positioning
  • Software controlled adjustable light output
  • Kestrel Digital Camera

    Kestrel Camera

    The Kestrel Digital Cameras provide today's motion capture technicians with a tool that assures reliable and accurate data. With digital technology there is no degradation of the signal over distance, less noise, and no resampling of data on another piece of electronics. The Kestrel Digital Camera signal is sent directly to the tracking computer via an Ethernet connection. The signal processing is embedded in the camera. This streamlined system of motion capture from camera to computer means less hardware and easier maintenance. The FPGA (field programmable field array) built into the Kestrel is software and firmware upgradeable via the Internet - moving of the cameras is not necessary.

    Cortex Software

    Cortex software captures complex motion with extreme accuracy. Real-time capabilities allow our customers to see capture results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task.

    Cortex has a revolutionary way of handling motion capture data. File management is controlled by a single capture (.cap) file, whereby all files associated with a capture are referenced in a single location. This process simplifies file loading and saving, allowing the user to only manage a single file rather than separate project files and multiple data files. When transferring data, Cortex will package all files associated with a given capture. The file structure can be specified by users to best fit their needs.

    Post processing data this clean is minimal, if at all, and Sky Scripting can be used to quickly process results and do batch processing.