Motion Analysis Corporation

Raptor-4S Digital RealTime System

Pitching AnalysisThe Raptor series of motion capture systems allow our customers to capture motion outdoors as well as indoors without changing any of the hardware or software on the system. Motion Analysis has developed an exclusive new proprietary image processing software which is embedded in the Raptor cameras. The Raptor cameras have twenty times the processing power of our previous generations of cameras to accomplish all of the required image processing computations. This new software addresses the various challenges of working outdoors in direct sunlight as well as indoor environments where reflections and lighting conditions can also affect a capture, while maintaining extreme accuracy and real-time capabilities.

Raptor-4S Digital RealTime System

The Raptor-4S Digital RealTime System consists of Raptor-4S digital cameras and Cortex software, which captures complex motion with extreme accuracy. Real-time capabilities allow our customers to see capture results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task. Post processing data this clean is minimal, if at all, and Sky Scripting can be used to quickly process results and do batch processing.

Raptor-4S Digital Camera

Raptor-4SThe Raptor-4S operates up to 180 fps at a full resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels (4MP) and a FOV of 48 x 48 degrees at 12.5mm fixed. As with other MAC digital cameras, the Raptor-4S is field upgradeable via email, compatible with other MAC digital cameras and supported with Cortex software.

Camera Excellence Does Not Equal Highest Number of Pixels

Savvy consumers understand that the excellence of any camera is not measured by the number of pixels alone. Other factors such as sensor size, pixel size, optics, depth of focus, quality of the ring light and other mechanics all contribute to a motion capture camera's effectiveness.