Motion Analysis Corporation


Quantitative assessment of function is important in determining the functional status of patients immediately after neurological injury to aid in the determination of a pharmaceutical or therapeutic treatment regimen. It is also useful in assessing sequential progress of the patient as well as determining the effectiveness of the treatment protocol. Optical motion capture offers unrestricted movements within the limitations of the patient. Whether assessing spine and back disorders in ergonomics or determining a patient's function, Motion Analysis allows you to quickly and easily measure performance to determine the patient's functional outcome.

The Motion Analysis RealTime system offers state-of-the-art motion capture to quantify upper or lower extremity function in patients with neurological problems such as stroke, head injury, Parkinson's disease, etc.

  • Benefits
  • Engages patient
  • Provides incentive and reward
  • Motivates volitional effort
  • Reduces tedious nature of therapy
  • Feedback indicates performance and results
  • Enhances sensormotor integration
  • Facilitates neural plasticity for recovery of motor and cognitive functions
  • Assists stroke patients with recovering reaching and grasping ability