Motion Analysis Corporation

Talon Plug-in

Motion Analysis' motion capture systems can capture, process, and stream high quality optical motion capture data into Autodesk's Maya, MotionBuilder and Softimage XSI. These 3D animation packages can be used to preview, record, and apply the data to your 3D character in real-time and synchronize the optical data with other real-time input devices.

Real-time motion capture provides several advantages:

  • The actor gets immediate visual feedback by seeing his motion applied to the 3D character
  • The director gets an immediate sense of the correspondence of the actor and 3D character
  • The animator can quickly spot problems arising from the structure of the 3D character and skeleton
  • If any editing is done on the skeleton, those changes are instantly uploaded via ethernet to the animation file and seen on the character
  • If you choose to use real-time marker data, you are required to establish the relationship between the markers and the character's skeleton in your animation software. Alternatively, you can use the Skeleton Builder software to generate hierarchical skeleton data in Cortex and EVaRT and send the skeleton data to your animation software.

    Talon Plugin