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Movement Analysis Videos: Continuous Calibration

Continuous CalibrationContinuous Calibration updates the motion capture system calibration during every data frame. If a camera gets bumped or moved, the calibration is updated so that a camera’s data can still be used. Many things can contribute to this loss of calibration integrity: the dissimilar materials within a camera can move relative to each other due to heat and humidity effects, the mechanical connections can loosen due to vibration and heat, lens elements can expand and contract due to heat and cooling effects. The camera mounts can slip over time. Room changes due to air conditioning units turning on and off, heavy doors opening and closing, these impart vibrations that can also affect the camera’s internal geometry. When loss of calibration occurs, as indicated by a rise in the residual value, users have historically had only two options: recalibrate the system or perform a quick refine. While generally effective, these measures require the user to halt live data collection, thus interrupting work flow and productivity. Continuous Calibration provides users with an uninterrupted work flow, resulting in a huge savings in time as well improved accuracy.

Users no longer will need to do a refine or update calibration during a long production shoot. They will not need to repeat a data collection trial as a result of the system getting out of calibration. They will not need to perform a new calibration at the start of the day or during the noon hour between the morning and afternoon capture sessions.

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