GaitMTrak (formerly SIMM Gait) is a powerful measurement and reporting tool. It integrates into a graphical report kinematic, kinetic, and EMG data, as well as muscle length, velocity, and force information. It uses a detailed, validated 3D musculoskeletal model and state-of-the-art data analysis algorithms to create comprehensive reports of any set of recorded motions. GaitMTrak is flexible and customizable, but can also be fully automated using scripts. In addition, it contains several features specifically designed to create complete research level gait reports.

GaitMTrak output is an Excel file organized into sheets. The sheets contain graphs of the angles, moments, powers, and reaction forces of the joints, and the activations, lengths, velocities, and forces of the muscles. The graphs show the means and standard deviations of all of the report variables, as well as normal, or reference, data for comparison.

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