Continuous Calibration

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Motion Capture’s Major Advance in Time Saving and Accuracy
SANTA ROSA, CA – August 2015 –At Siggraph 2015 in Los Angeles, Motion Analysis Corporation demonstrated its revolutionary new motion capture system calibration software, “Continuous Calibration”.

“Continuous Calibration is the product of a multi-year R&D project by our company”, said Shel Fung, Senior Vice-President of Engineering. Our engineers had to think “outside-the-box” and develop new algorithms for both our Cortex tracking and calibration software. These all resulted in savings in time and improved accuracy for our customers.”

“Motion Analysis Corporation continues to be the technological leader in the mocap (motion capture) industry. The introduction of our new “Continuous Calibration” feature to our Cortex tracking software, a self-diagnosing and self-correcting system calibration, is the most significant development in motion tracking software in the last eight years since our introduction of “wand calibration” in 1995”, said Tom Whitaker, CEO of Motion Analysis. “Once the system is installed and calibrated, the user never has to calibrate again, even if a tripod is bumped or a building wall moves because of heat expansion or vibrations. No more calibrating, what a savings in time! Accuracy is improved with the elimination of wand calibration variations between multiple users.”

Whitaker continued, “Motion Analysis Corporation was the industry’s first company to introduce analog mocap cameras in 1986, first with all-digital motion capture cameras in 2000, 3D tracking software in 1984, real-time 3D tracking software in 1999, real-time solving for 6DOF skeleton segmental data in 1997, real-time broadcast studio cameras tracking for virtual sets in 2008, wand calibration in 1995, first with real-time kinematic/kinetic computations in 2008, first with outdoor motion capture capability in 2010 and now Continuous Calibration in 2015”.

Motion Analysis will be releasing the new Continuous Calibration software as part of its August release of Cortex 6 tracking software.