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For those studios that get it right, the opportunity is huge! In this eBook, we talk to motion capture and 3D animation studio leaders to find out how they’re preparing for the future of mocap.

This eBook is designed to help you:

  • Explore the opportunity presented by virtual production
  • Navigate the rise of remote working and remote shoots
  • Create a safe studio
  • Future-proof your studio
  • Robert Catena

    "I am a long-time user of Motion Analysis systems. I like that their solutions have a long lifespan, it allows us to easily add new cameras to the mix as we expand the lab. I also appreciate the robustness of the software, which allows me to customize tests and set up things the way I prefer."

    Robert Catena

    Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

  • Rita Patterson

    "We use Motion Analysis solutions in our Human Movement Performance lab. Their technology allows us to easily capture high res data for large, whole-body volumes as well as really small volumes, such as for subtle hand movements. We appreciate that the team is so supportive and flexible."

    Rita Patterson

    Associate Dean of Research

  • Kevin Ford, PhD

    "3D motion capture is a unique set of systems that allows users to quantify and measure human movement – and Motion Analysis is on the forefront of that technology."

    Kevin Ford, PhD

    Professor and Human Biomechanics Laboratory Director