Motion Analysis offers our customers access to our ftp site in order to easily update files or upload data for review by our Support team.

Below is an outline of the ftp site’s organization. Current customers have access to the Customer_Support directory. Access to other directories is granted on an individual basis. Look for a “WHATS_NEW.txt” in folders for a complete list of updates. READ_ME.txt are also available in many of the folders.

Contact Support for access codes by emailing to [email protected] or phone 707.579.6500 Ext. 2.

FTP Directory Site Map

  • Customer_Support
    • Animation_FileIO_Plugins
    • Customer Data
    • Industrial Plugins
    • Sample Data
    • Software
    • Talon Plugins
    • Tech Notes and FAQs
    • Tutorials
  • Developers
  • Media
  • Staff