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firsts-falconMotion Analysis Corporation (MAC) has been at the forefront of motion capture technology since its founding over thirty years ago. In 1986, MAC developed the first camera designed and manufactured exclusively for motion capture, the Falcon. Fourteen years later, the first digital motion capture camera, the Eagle, was introduced at SIGGRAPH 2000.

MAC’s software is no less groundbreaking. Cortex and its predecessor, EVaRT, hold the exclusive trait of presenting a single, integrated user interface to the motion capture technician. Customers do not have to switch in and out of different software programs as they work.

Our cameras and software are backwards compatible – we do not require our customers to upgrade to new cameras in order to use the latest version of Cortex.


  • Founders establish independent business in Santa Rosa, California


  • 3D Automatic Tracking


  • “Falcon” debuts, the first camera designed exclusively for motion capture


  • Wand-based system calibration
  • High resolution lens distortion mapping


  • Global optimization retargeting – “Solver” software
  • 3D real-time tracking
  • Multi-threaded tracking software
  • Multi-processor data processing


  • “Eagle” introduced – the first digital motion capture camera


  • Multi-performer real-time tracking
  • Film “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” released – first all motion capture full length animated movie


  • Real-time simultaneous face and body tracking


  • On-set performer & studio camera tracking
  • Random access multi-performer real-time tracking


  • Four-person random access real-time tracking
  • The film “I, Robot” is released using extensive computer graphics developed by Digital Domain Studios using Motion Analysis systems, technology and support


  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards Technical Achievement Awards to five developers of the Motion Analysis motion capture technology
  • SONIC (distributed real-time skeleton solving) first used on WETA’s “Jane and the Dragon” television series


  • 10-person real-time capture
  • “Sky” scripting – automate post-processing tasks
  • Virtual Studio / Virtual Director introduced


  • Jim Henson Company launches “Sid the Science Kid” a new 40-part animated show on PBS Kids network, a real-time digital animation program based on Motion Analysis technology and systems. 2400 square foot capture area.
  • 150+ camera live capture, 3 person, 120 Hz
  • Through the lens calibration of a broadcast camera
  • True broadcast quality augmented reality presentation at SIGGRAPH
  • Raptor-4 camera released. 500,000 grayscale centroids per second
  • KinTools RT released, kinetics and kinematics software


  • The Jim Henson Company wins an Engineering Emmy their technology, combined with Motion Analysis, for creating animation programs such as “Sid the Science Kid”


  • Cortex is developed for 64 bit computers


  • Outdoor capture capability with Raptor series of cameras
  • “Rise of the Apes” is first major motion picture to use large scale outdoor motion capture
  • Motion Analysis Awarded IBC Innovation Award with CNBC for CamTrak


  • Awarded IBC Innovation Award with Sky Sports for CamTrak


  • Cortex feature “Continuous Calibration” introduced at SIGGRAPH 2015


  • Introduction of market solution applications: BattingTrak, PitchTrak, LiftTrak, JumpTrak, GolfTrak, RunTrak, FootTrak
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