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Motion Analysis provides accurate, expandable motion capture systems for the Video Game, TV, and Film Industries. Whether you are an Established Video Game Company looking to decrease you post production time or a new organization looking to get started in the T.V. & Film Industry, Motion Analysis has a system to suit your needs.

Video Games, Film & TV Motion Capture Systems & Software

The complexities of moves such as rolling, tumbling, hugging, crawling, and even facial Capture, demands an accurate, easy to use, robust, and flexible system in order to meet the requirements and deadlines of an up and coming Release date, or Demo for a new project. Motion Analysis Systems provide unprecedented tracking precision, low latency and seamless integration into many of the Game Engines used today. Motion Analysis Motion Capture Systems are customizable to cover the largest Capture Volume, down to the smallest. Recommended systems for Video Games, Film & TV are the Raptor-12HS, Raptor-E and the Kestrel. Discover why WETA Digital, Respawn, Raven Software, Activision, ASU’s Arts Media and Engineering Program, Accel Animation Studios, Full Sail Real World Education, Vancouver Film School, and Electronic Arts choose Motion Analysis.

Video Games, Film & TV Software

Calcium Solver

Calcium Solver is a powerful skeletal creating, setup and motion solving solution. The marker data drives a pre-defined, rigid, hierarchical skeleton definition.

Talon Plug-ins

The Talon Plug-ins allow you to stream motion capture data to your 3D character in real-time and synchronize the optical data with other real-time input devices.

Game Engine Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are available for taking motion capture data from Cortex into the Unity and Unreal game engines. Others are available as well, including connectivity through a VRPN server.

Animation Plug-Ins

This plug-in allows you to “drive” the movement of your animated character in post-process mode, using any of the major animation software packages.

SONIC Viewer

SONIC (Solver Over Network Interface Card) is a distributed computing manager and viewer for Calcium.

Video Games, Film & TV Capture Systems

Kestrel 300

The Kestrel 300 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 810 fps with a sensor resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 million).

Kestrel 1300

The Kestrel 1300 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 210 fps with a sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels (1.3 million).

Kestrel 2200

The Kestrel 2200 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 300 fps with a sensor resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels (2.2 million).

Kestrel 4200

The Kestrel 4200 is a compact, wide format camera capable of 200 fps with a sensor resolution of 2080 x 2048 pixels (4.2 million).


The Raptor-12HS Digital RealTime System consists of Raptor-12HS digital cameras and Cortex software. At 12MP and operating at 300 fps at full resolution and up to 2,000 fps at windowed resolution, the Raptor-12HS is an excellent choice for large volumes with multiple subjects or where the need for very small markers is important.

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