Mocap Breakthrough

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Raptor Series Provides Flexibility of Outdoor and Indoor Motion Capture
SANTA ROSA, CA – April 28, 2010 – Motion Analysis Corporation today announced an industry first with the release of its premier real-time passive optical motion capture cameras, the Raptor Series, which can be used outdoors as well as indoors without changing any hardware or software.

Motion Analysis has developed an exclusive new proprietary image processing software which is embedded in the Raptor cameras. The Raptor cameras have an enormous amount of onboard computing power in order to accomplish all of the required image processing computations. This new, exclusive software addresses the various challenges of working outdoors in direct sunlight as well as indoor environments where reflections and lighting conditions can also affect a capture, while maintaining extreme accuracy and real-time capabilities.

“Our objective was to deliver a camera that performed in bright sunlight without compromising the superior accuracy and real-time, high data throughput customers have come to expect from all Motion Analysis cameras,” said Shel Fung, Senior VP of Engineering. “The results speak for themselves there has been no degradation of performance when these cameras are used in an outdoor setting.”

Although the obvious application will be in the sports market for performance assessment and injury prevention, Motion Analysis believes that the ability to use motion capture outdoors will also be valuable for the animation and industrial markets as well.

“This is a major industry breakthrough,” Tom Whitaker, CEO of Motion Analysis, commented. “Mocap users have always wanted to take their systems outdoors but have been prevented from doing so. Until now.”