Mocap VR system premieres to great acclaim

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NAC Image Technology and TOTSU Team up at Tokyo’s 3D & Virtual Reality Expo

SANTA ROSA, CA – July 30, 2010 – NAC Image Technology Inc. and TOTSU, Inc., recently demonstrated, the “MoCap VR System” to great acclaim at the 3D & Virtual Reality Expo in Tokyo, June 23-25. Over 1,500 companies exhibited and 85,000 international visitors attended the Expo.

The MoCap VR System is a new broadcast production tool that uses the optical motion capture system of Motion Analysis Corporation (USA) the real-time 3D graphics engine and flagship product eStudio of Brainstorm (Spain) and 3D HD camcorders. NAC and TOTSU presented a ten minute demonstration with a live emcee, virtual studio set, and a virtual 3Dcharacter (humanoid) rendered in stereoscopic 3D in real-time by Brainstorm’s graphics engine. The virtual character was manipulated by a performer captured by the Motion Analysis motion capture system. The ongoing demonstrations attracted many visitors, especially from TV stations. The MoCap VR System signals a new trend in broadcast production techniques.

“Combining live video and computer graphics in a virtual set has long been a challenge”, said Tom Whitaker, CEO of Motion Analysis Corporation. “With the Motion Analysis CameraTracker, studios can now rapidly and precisely align multiple studio cameras views with the virtual set view, while simultaneously tracking in real-time multiple virtual animation performers. This level of rotational and translational camera tracking accuracy has never before been achieved. Instead of days to calibrate a virtual set, it now takes minutes,” Whitaker added.

“The Virtual Reality Expo in Tokyo provided an ideal opportunity for Brainstorm to demonstrate the sophistication of our graphics engine, eStudio, capable of rendering a complex virtual set with realistic shadow and illumination as well as taking a live data feed from Motion Analysis’ motion capture system and using this data to animate a 3D virtual character- all in real-time,” said Ricardo Montesa, Brainstorm CEO. “eStudio has interfaced with camera-tracking systems for many years but the integration with motion capture systems and our ability to render all elements in real-time adds an exciting new dimension for the viewer.”

View video of demonstration.

About NAC Image Technology Inc.

NAC Image Technology Inc. is a Japanese company manufacturing various imaging products, such as high-speed cameras and eye trackers. NAC is the exclusive distributor of Motion Analysis Corporation products in Japan. NAC also deals with film and digital products (film camera, digital camera, lens, tripod, lighting, etc.) for feature film and TV industries.


TOTSU, Inc. is one of the biggest TV production offices in Japan, making TV programs for nearly 40 years. TOTSU provide not only a wide variety of TV programs (drama, sports, news, etc.) but also the technical support for broadcasting and postprocess. TOTSU supports key TV stations in Japan for their production with the Brainstorm system.

About Motion Analysis Corporation

Motion Analysis Corporation (MAC) is the worldwide leader and provider of optical motion capture systems in entertainment, medicine, videogames, film, sports, broadcasting, virtual reality, and research. The company was formed in 1982 and has its headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. Website:

About Brainstorm

Established in 1993, Brainstorm Multimedia provides industry-leading real-time 3D interactive graphics solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows as well as for feature film production and 3D real-time presentations. Brainstorm’s eStudio is unique in the market due to its sophistication, open architecture and versatility – enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customized applications. Brainstorm’s production arm provides an end-to-end graphics production service enjoyed by many of the world’s leading broadcasters. Brainstorm customers include: the BBC, NBC Universal, CNBC, Reuters, RTL Germany, TVE Spain, Al Jazeera, TSR Switzerland, NHK, NTV and Asaha TV Japan, Nasdaq, ESPN, the PGA Tour, AccuWeather, The Pentagon Channel, Abu-Dahbi TV, ERTU Egypt, KBS and MBC Korea. For more information visit