Motion Analysis provides accurate, expandable motion capture systems for the Video Game, TV, Broadcast, VFX, and Film Industries. Our academy award winning system provides all the tools your site needs, combined with our experienced set of industry experts we can help you solve, create and bring to life a range of solutions in the Entertainment market.

Motion Analysis Corp. has a complete range of solutions for the Movement Analysis market. Our system is used by hundreds of sites around the world to capture, process and output the data for your movement analysis applications. Our integrated software solutions allows a site to capture, process and report the data efficiently.
Motion Analysis precise real-time tracking is being used around the world in Ergonomics and human factors, Robotics development, and Design, Manufacturing and many other Engineering applications.

Transforming real life objects into virtual settings or placing three dimensional virtual objects into your field of view is an exciting possibility. Motion Analysis systems are the elegant solution to flawlessly connect real life objects and people into virtual scenes with breathless realism. Whether you are after visualization or virtualization, Motion Analysis is your preferred provider.