DV Reference

Motion Analysis offers a software solution for digital video capture, DV Reference. DV Reference is embedded in Cortex and allows the synchronized capture and playback of reference video data from either a stationary or moving DV camera. The software enables you to collect color or monochrome video from multiple cameras that is time matched to the motion capture data. This software requires a DV camera with a firewire connection.

DV Reference also offers a function which enables you to overlay the reference color video images with stick figures, markers, vectors and other model information. Following a simple calibration procedure, the color reference video camera view becomes a background to the 3D View. The 3D Show Video checkbox will dim the floor and snap the 3D viewpoint to the reference video viewpoint. If you want to move the color or studio camera, you can put six markers on the color camera and view the real or virtual scene.

The video images provided by DV Reference give visual confirmation of the motion capture data and offer an effective display of information that everyone can follow.