The Power of Invention & Our First Digital Motion Capture Camera

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In 1983, President Ronald Reagan designated February 11th as National Inventors’ Day. This specific date was chosen in recognition of renowned American inventor and thinker, Thomas Alva Edison and the anniversary of his birth (Feb. 11th, 1847).

National Inventors’ Day is the celebration of new ideas and human ingenuity. To honor and recall the great inventors throughout history whose bold and innovative ideas altered our world in ways we couldn’t imagine being without.

Every human-made creation began as an idea, a thought, or an inkling; many of which were brushed aside by the popular opinions of their time. But ideas may never die and have resisted time and again in the face of adversity.

The First Digital Motion Capture Camera

Here at Motion Analysis, we thrive on innovation and the advancement of technology. We are at the forefront of our industry and know well the power of new ideas. We work closely with renowned specialists to create cutting-edge hardware and software and have been doing so since 1982. We are compelled to be the first to release new motion capture technology and to improve upon our existing products whenever we are able.

“When you invent a new product, you have a lot of decisions to make, such as should I choose a zoom lens or fixed. All those things have to be decided, especially when considering expenses. When we first created the Eagle Digital Camera, our team wanted it to be the same color as the Shimano. We sent it to the designer, and I think they did a great job. This was our first digital camera as a motion capture company; we wanted to get it right.” 

– MAC Co-Founder John Greaves

It’s been 16 years since the Eagle’s digital creation and we continue to innovate at Motion Analysis, such as with our recently released Kestrel line. We strive to serve our customer’s needs while keeping ahead of the ever-changing technological landscape in the motion capture industry.

Eagle Camera
Side by Side Comparison
Shimano Bike Tool