Motion Analysis Updates

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Motion Analysis is pleased to announce the release of the Cortex 6.2.3 software which is available for download from our private FTP location or on a Cortex 6.2 CD delivered via express mail (upon request). There is both a Cortex 32-bit version and a Cortex 64-bit version available. They are both included in this release and available to all customers under warranty or with a current software maintenance contract.

Updates in Cortex 6.2.3 since the Cortex 6.0 Release

Camera Software Updates

Kestrel camera software update:( increases the overall usability of the camera, helping it see markers further. This camera software also resolves an issue found with some Kestrel cameras that would cause the camera to not boot initially. Please note that this update may require tuning of the aperture in order to compensate for the increased brightness of the image.

Raptor-12HS (High-Speed) camera software update: ( replaces the Cortex 6 release version of the camera software that would potentially cause some cameras to forget their settings.
We do not recommend customers use the original Cortex 6 camera software for Raptor-12HS cameras.

If you have either of these cameras, we recommend updating your camera software. Updating your camera software will improve functionality by allowing you to use the full potential of the camera with the new Cortex software. To update your cameras software go to the Setup –> Cameras tab and select “New Camera Software…“

Digital Eagle Motion Capture Camera
For Raptor camera types [Osprey, Raptor-H, Raptor-E, Raptor-4], please select Raptor Series Cameras. Then press the Select File and Begin Download… button, then select the file associated with your camera. If you have multple camera types in your system, choose the “Selected Camera” option and select your camera before updating the camera software.
Digital Eagle Motion Capture Camera

Please note: If you are unsure of this process, please contact customer support and we will gladly walk you through the process over the phone or we can email you more detailed instructions upon request.

Updated Cortex Features

New GRF Filter Option: Ground Reaction Force filter added for KinTools – a Fourth-Order Zero-Lag Butterworth.

New NI Hardware Support: Support for the National Instruments C-Series devices. We now support M-Series and C-Series devices.

Calibration Additions and Changes:

Additional feedback when the calibration fails/diverges.

Update to the Refine Calibration feature.

Update Calibration now works when adding a new camera to the system.

CamTrak Updates

Active Wand Calibration for Studio Camera Lens calibration.

The ability to store the focus settings throughout the zoom range of the studio camera.

Enhanced FBX Skin Debugging Tools:

We added additional tools for debugging skins within Cortex under the Tools –> Misc. –> Skin Debugging…

Sky Function Addition and Updates

Sky now supports the Digital I/O from all connected NI devices.

swOutput_DigitalSignalOn2(DeviceName, iChannel)

swOutput_DigitalSignalOff2(DeviceName, iChannel)

swOutput_DigitalSignalIsOn2(DeviceName, iChannel)

swOutput_AnalogSetVoltage2(DeviceName, iChannel, Voltage)

Added swCapture_Close function (this function closes the current capture loaded in Post Process)
Digital Eagle Motion Capture Camera


Integration of the New Raptor-4S Camera:

The Raptor-4S operates up to 180 fps at a full resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels (4MP). As with other MAC digital cameras, the Raptor-4S is field upgradeable, compatible with other MAC digital cameras and supported with Cortex software.

Raptor-4S Features:

  • 1-180 Hz selectable frame rates at full resolution
  • Electronic shutter
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Fixed and varifocal lens options
  • Strobed ringlight with camera body heat sink
  • Five body mount points on camera for variable positioning
  • Software controlled adjustable light output

New Kestrel Camera Lens Option: We now offer a 12-36mm varifocal lens option for Kestrel cameras!

If you have an existing Kestrel camera system with 8mm fix focal length lenses and are interested in updating some or all of your cameras to a varifocal lens, please contact for further details and pricing. This will require the camera be sent to Motion Analysis for modification.

For additional updates and fixes, please see the Whats-New-in-Cortex6.2+.txt file available on the Customer Support ftp site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (707) 579-6500 and select Option 2, or via email at

Phillip Hagerman, VP Customer Support and