Virtual Reality

Transforming real life objects into virtual settings or placing three dimensional virtual objects into your field of view is an exciting possibility. Motion Analysis systems are the elegant solution to flawlessly connect real life objects and people into virtual scenes with breathless realism. Whether you are after visualization or virtualization, Motion Analysis is your preferred provider.

Virtual Reality

Motion Analysis has been an world-class mocap supplier for over 35 years. We deliver one of the world’s most accurate and simplified VR tracking systems. Our system includes very low latency, smooth tracking, and powerful software. Whether you are using Unity or Unreal software, our award winning software can offer a plug-and-play VR solution without the need for complicated and time-consuming customizations.

Ford Virtual Manufacturing Using Huma

Virtual Director


Virtual Reality : VR Arcades / Attractions


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Area Low Latency tracking for multi-user immersive experiences

Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation, Sport Training and movement training.

Virtual Rehab

Using Augmented Neural Muscular Training (aNMT) developed at Children’s Hospital Cincinnati.

Virtual Sports Training

Virtual Reality sports performance training combining real time training, data capture and output of objective data.


Locomotion Based VR Gaming

In small to large volumes using our robust real time tracking of person, and props.

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