Upgrade to Cortex 9: More features, more power, more intuitive.

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Trusted by leaders across global industries

Our powerful but flexible 3D motion capture technology is trusted by global leaders from a wide range of industries, including animation, virtual reality, movement analysis, broadcast, industrial and robotics.

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Animation and Virtual Reality

Create superior 3D character animations in a fraction of the time.

Movement Analysis

Create world-class biomechanics and movement analysis facilities using our superior motion capture technology.


Accelerate production time and deliver top-quality work by equipping your team with unparalleled camera tracking and mocap quality, speed and usability.

Industrial & Robotic

Shorten development cycles and reduce costs with expandable solutions for military, engineering, robotics, product designers and manufacturers.

Explore our motion capture systems

We offer three motion capture systems: the BaSix© system, our classic system, and a hybrid of the two.

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Explore our motion capture systems
  • Robert Catena

    "I am a long-time user of Motion Analysis systems. I like that their solutions have a long lifespan, it allows us to easily add new cameras to the mix as we expand the lab. I also appreciate the robustness of the software, which allows me to customize tests and set up things the way I prefer."

    Robert Catena

    Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

  • Rita Patterson

    "We use Motion Analysis solutions in our Human Movement Performance lab. Their technology allows us to easily capture high res data for large, whole-body volumes as well as really small volumes, such as for subtle hand movements. We appreciate that the team is so supportive and flexible."

    Rita Patterson

    Associate Dean of Research

  • Kevin Ford, PhD

    "3D motion capture is a unique set of systems that allows users to quantify and measure human movement – and Motion Analysis is on the forefront of that technology."

    Kevin Ford, PhD

    Professor and Human Biomechanics Laboratory Director

Award-winning motion capture software

Our Oscar-winning software enables you to increase efficiency and profitability by equipping your team with technology that offers unparalleled quality, speed and usability. Our powerful but easy-to-use mocap technology includes various products that offer cutting-edge solutions for various industries, all with free basic support for life.


Completely manages motion capture and measurement for biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering and rigid object tracking.

BaSix © Go

The accuracy and fidelity of optical motion capture: our new easy-to-use software with the quickest and easiest setup ever seen. BaSix active markers are configurable LED arrays which don’t require a special suit and can be fitted in under 60 seconds.

Cortex 9: our most advanced
mocap software yet

Continuously innovating, we recently released Cortex 9 – the latest edition of our internationally recognized software. It includes the following key features:

  • BaSix Solver - using BaSix© active markers
  • Merging forces across force plates
  • Device panel integration
  • Asynchronous device data (ADD) graphs
  • Location of corrupted templates
  • Golden templates - predefined marker sets
  • Global Translations and Rotations (GTR) skeleton data files
  • Back calculation markers from bone virtual markers
See our solutions in action

Contact us to learn more and see our solutions in action.